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Looking back on the past, looking to the future——Three Quarter Summary Meeting of Beijing Sody

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Autumn was getting stronger, new year was coming, November 18 to 19,2016, Beijing Sody Medical Equipment Co。,Ltd。 held 2016 annual review meeting in Beijing Xiaotangshan Longmai Hotspring Village, the managers of all departments attended the meeting.



The conference was divided into two parts, one was to listen to persons in charge of the departments summed up on the first three quarters of work in 2016 and the work of next year's work plan reports, the second quarter was the company leaders reviewed the first three quarters of work in 2016, at the same time to make arrangements for the deployment of the next work.


The meeting had been going in the summary results, find insufficient, pragmatic atmosphere. Recalling the achievements of internal and external economic environment in the first three quarters of 2016, at the same time to reflect on the shortcomings of the past work. Make an objective analysis on company industry and competitors. Be sure to learn merit from others to mend our shortcoming.

Sody focuses on shock wave technology, leading domestic and foreign gravel cutting-edge technology, adheres to the "excellent quality, first-class service" quality policy, with steady and innovative service concept,promotes industry technology and industrial progress constantly.Sody establishes the corporate image as the focus, technology research and development as the core, after-sales service to support the all-round development as the direction of guidance, looking forward to the year of 2017 which opportunities and challenges coexist.



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