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Single Pulse and Duplex Pulse

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改 单脉冲与复式脉冲.jpg

comparison of single pulse and duplex pulse lithotripsy

Duplex pulse is in the first discharge after a certain delay under the condition of second impact, second impact by means of plasma channel in the first shock formation, improves the efficiency of the electrical energy into mechanical energy of the shock wave.

Thus, higher lithotripsy efficiency can be obtained by using lower treatment voltage, less impact times and shorter treatment time. Low voltage, frequency, short time to reduce the damage to the patients, gravel particle size smaller, thereby increasing the lithagogue rate, so that the duplex pulse shock wave has both electrohydraulic lithotripsy efficiency and electromagnetic wave lithotripsy effect.

Single pulse and duplex pulse contrast table

英文 复式脉冲与单次脉冲表格.jpg

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