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One Key Automatic Positioning Technology

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Over the years, Chinese gravel people have been looking for a way to use B-mode ultrasound rapid positioning。 Through years of efforts, Beijing Sody Medical Equipment Co。,Ltd。 developed the world's first one key automatic positioning extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy machine successfully. The device is a medical system which consists of a gravel machine and B ultrasound. Operator as long as through the B ultrasonic exploration to patients with stones and calibration, gravel machine can automatically achieve energy gathering area and stone coincidence, complete the process of autonomous positioning.


Universally,X ray positioning extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy machine is used in developed countries. In addition to funding reasons, positioning simple, fast is the main reason. B ultrasonic positioning lithotripsy machine has higher requirements for operators ,because the B ultrasonic probe must contact with the human body,resulting in positioning difficulties. However, due to relatively low cost input, the positioning stone crusher is the preferred medical unit in china.


Using this technology to break the traditional positioning method, and obtain a number of national patents, it takes a big revolutionary stride forward of domestic crusher positioning technology!

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