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SD9600-FXB duplex pulse extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy machine,preferred models for hospitals above Grade-II , using X ray + B-ultrasound double positioning technology, the doctor according to patient's site of stones and stone composition decided on the location. The two positioning methods complement each other, not only can solve some negative stones difficult to X ray imaging problem, but also to solve the B ultrasound in the exploration and positioning of the middle ureteral calculi affected by the ilium. C arm X-ray positioning system can be spherical movement, with six directional movement of the multi-functional treatment bed, routine Department of Urology routine examination, surgical treatment, puncture and other easy to deal with.


Host and therapeutic bed

a.Integrated design, matching six multifunction treatment bed

b。Treatment bed can be X Y Z three axis operation, the movement amplitude were greater than 125mm 125mm 150mm

c. Treatment bed weight-bearing: >200KG; treatment bed height: 750mm


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